Propping Bottles

June 14, 2007 at 11:56 pm 1 comment

So, I’m really trying to stop nursing my 4 month old son.  We’re almost “weaned”.  I just can’t handle the hormone surges, on top of the PPD and all.  I hope my son understands.  : )  I’ve already found it easier to sleep without a bra and bra pads, but this morning was the first morning that I awoke without rock-hard breasts.  Many of you know what I mean by that . . . Anyways, I’m already finding, after just a few days, that bottle feeding simply works better with 4 kids for me.  {I’m emphasizing the “for me”, because you need to know one thing about me before we go any further:  after having a “biter” in child #1 ~ later to find out she has Tourette’s Syndrome ~ and now, a special needs child whose #1 hobby is hitting, kicking, and knocking kids over, on top of the craziness of having 4 kids with no help  — I do NOT judge!!  Although, I do reserve the right to be opinionated . . .}

So, I’m bottle feeding my 4 month old.  Here’s the interesting thing — I’m already “propping up” bottles with blankets.  It’s awesome!  I can handle child #3 (the special needs child) going after the other two kids, among other things;  I can handle the older 2 kids fighting, I can actually, physically intervene without yelling.  (pan the camera to me sitting on the couch nursing & yelling at my other kids to STOP _______!)  So, I’m finding relief in bottle feeding.  BUT . . . I find it interesting that I went from this totally intimate and bonding thing like feeding my baby from my own body, to propping up bottles.  Isn’t that weird?  I mean, there’s nothing special or sacred about sucking down formula from a bottle that’s propped up on a baby blanket, is there?  It’s not like he doesn’t see me all day long or anything, it’s just that, I don’t know . . . I’m so replaceable.   We get so hung up on the breast-feeding thing, and other than “nipple confusion”, he doesn’t really care how he gets fed.  He just wants to eat!  Sometimes it scares me just how “trainable” our children are . . .

In any event, I’ll check in about the PPD in a few days.  Maybe the lack of nursing will help??  Propping bottles sure has!


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