Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry . . . . and Cry!

June 21, 2007 at 12:05 am Leave a comment

So, do we ever get used to the sound of crying?  I’m starting to wonder.  As I write this, my 4 month old has been at it for an hour and 13 minutes . . . with a couple of 5 minute breaks.  I walked around holding him for about a half hour, and then I just gave up and put him in the swing.  I mean, what’s the point?  He’s gonna cry anyway, ya know?

With my first child, I would freak out, take her temperature, walk around our shoebox-sized condo bobbing her up and down, gently put the binky in her mouth, sing to her, cry with her, and generally freak out, sometimes even calling the pediatrician.

With my second child, I was better, but I had post-partum depression (PPD) pretty badly, so I’d yell a lot.  And a couple of times I called my husband at the office and told him he needed to get home because I was “on the edge”.   No, I never did anything “bad”  because I had a great network of family and friends to help me.

With my third child, he never cried a whole lot.  We didn’t find out that something was “wrong” with him until 4 months.  He is special needs.  He is just starting to make speech sounds — my newborn is going to pass him up.  So, he really wasn’t a big crier, but he was also my third kid, and I was feeling like a pro at this point.  (or so I thought…)

So, if I’m such a pro, why can’t I get this one to shut up?  He’s so darn cute!  And I am honestly proud of myself for NOT freaking out when he cries nonstop.  But, wow!  He was such a good baby, and now, at 4 months, he decides to be a crier.  Everyday at about 4:30 pm he starts . . . and doesn’t stop until almost 6 pm.  And if he does get a moments relief, my special needs son manages to get a smack or a poke or a yell in his face, which starts him all over again.  I’m losing my mind!  Would anyone like to trade places with me?  Just kidding!  (sort of . . . )

So, this whole PPD thing (post partum depression) . . . it’s weird.  I mean, it comes and goes.  The crying, however, does NOT stop.  I am on some medication for the PPD, which, as we know, the Tom Cruises of the world are totally against.  And, for the record, I find that soooooooooooo interesting.  How can a multi-millionaire, with tons of help (I’m guessing nannies, cooks, drivers, family living with him, etc.) judge people with NO help.  I have NO local family and no nannies AND I have 2 kids with special needs, and usually, I do okay . . . with a little help from what my husband calls “the happy pills”.  But seriously folks, don’t you find it amusing when really famous and wealthy people spout off about stuff that normal folks deal with on a daily basis?  Like when Madonna said that her kids never watch t.v.  Well, if I had nannies to entertain my kids, maybe they wouldn’t either — but I think of “Dragon Tales” and “Dora the Explorer” as super-helpers!!  But, I digress . . . back to the crying.  It appears to have stopped for the evening, which means, I think I’ll stop blogging, and go cook dinner . . .


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