100 Things About Me

September 24, 2007 at 3:17 am 2 comments

My good friend, and fellow blogger, challenged me to write this.  It was harder than you’d think.  So, here it is, 100 Things About Me . . . (that I am willing to share!)

  1.   I am a Christian Woman. (I believe in God; that Jesus is exactly who he said he was, and that the Holy Spirit lives within me.)
  2. I met my husband at age 27, while we were both working at Arthur Andersen, and I’m older than him by almost 3 years.
  3. I met my husband’s mother before I met him. (She loved me. Then, months and months later, he loved me. Cute, huh?)
  4. I always wanted a big family, and now I have 4 kids and 2 dogs and I am completely overwhelmed!
  5. I LOVE to run, and do so most mornings, on the mountain trails, with my dogs.
  6. I never struggled with my weight until I had kids. (darn, them! :))
  7. I was born in the same town and hospital in which my first 3 kids were born.
  8. I was a sorority girl in college, and I loved it.
  9. I can talk to a wall. (So, if I can’t connect with a person on some level, I tend to wonder . . . )
  10. I have a very strong personality! (bull-headed)
  11. Most of my friends refer to me as “refreshingly honest”, basically, I’m blunt.
  12. I have been a waitress in several different restaurants, and I was a delivery person for a sandwich place in college.
  13. I love wine, and I probably drink too much of it.
  14. I have 2 dogs, both Rhodesian ridgebacks, and I currently don’t like either one of them. (I know it sounds awful, but remember, I’m overwhelmed…)
  15. I have a handful of best friends, and I love them all.
  16. I would absolutely DIE without sunshine! I have to have light in my home; I have to have all of the blinds opened during the day, etc. I need sunshine…thus, I moved to Colorado!
  17. I drive a mini-van and I LOVE it!
  18. I can’t stand spicy food. I try to like it because my husband lives by it . . . but I just can’t do it.
  19. I rarely leave the house without mascara on. I hate having blond-ish eyelashes!
  20. I often cry at cheesey commercials and shows, including children’s movies!
  21. I had the “all-American” high school experience, and loved it, but I couldn’t bring myself to show up to my 20th high school reunion.
  22. I prefer to be lead, when lead properly, than to be a leader.
  23. I don’t like cats.
  24. I am an avid reader, but I have to be really engrossed in a book by page 35, or it’s over.  I typically read a novel in 3-5 days.
  25. I have a trampoline in my backyard, and when I jump on it, I pee. (an awful result of having 4 kids and not doing enough kegels)
  26. I don’t like hard alcohol.  (maybe the occasional, totally weak, margarita…)
  27. I love dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is not worth the calories.
  28. I am addicted to Diet Coke from the fountain. It simply tastes better from the fountain, with ice, than from the can.
  29. I am also addicted to Fresca!
  30. I went to the University of Michigan and loved it! Go Blue!
  31. Even though I loved it, I wish I had gone to a smaller college.
  32. I have had several “loves”, and heartbreaks, in my life . . . all leading up to the “love of my life” — my hubby!
  33. Other than motherhood, I don’t think I have found my true calling in life . . . yet.
  34. I speak Spanish. Sort of. Well, I used to be fluent.
  35. I still like soap operas.
  36. I like top 40 music — my husband might disown me for admitting this . . .
  37. I can’t sing, can’t carry a tune, can’t read music, but LOVE listening to music!
  38. I believe in prayer.
  39. I have a very difficult time managing, or handling, my emotions.
  40. I love to cook, but I hate the pressure of having to plan dinner every night.
  41. I always dreamed of being a volleyball coach.
  42. I pick my feet. It’s gross, I know! I hate that I do it, but I can’t seem to stop.
  43. I have a scar on my face; it’s been there since I was less than one years old. (Thank you, big brother!)
  44. I cackle when I laugh.
  45. My husband says I have great legs! (a good thing, considering I am seriously lacking in the “chest” category)
  46. I have only attended public schools.
  47. I have mastered the art of looking great in a wet ponytail.
  48. I love to entertain, and do a lot of it!
  49. My 3rd child is special needs. (We don’t know what his diagnosis is.)
  50. My only daughter, child #1, has Tourette’s Syndrome. (it makes a person wonder about our gene pool, doesn’t it?)
  51. I have been married for 9 years, and I still love my husband!
  52. I like my in-laws! All of ’em! How ’bout that!?!
  53. One of my siblings was adopted as a baby.
  54. One of my summer jobs in high school was riding the ice cream cart up and down the beach front for J.K. Sweets. (I also rode it along the 4th of July Parade.)
  55. I have been in 3 parades, all for the 4th of July, and all in my home town.
  56. I spent a semester of college living in Seville, Spain. I lived with a family who did not speak English.
  57. When I was in junior high, Jeremy Piven was my camp counselor at Camp Echo. I had a tremendous crush on him!  (He’s the agent in the tv show Entourage)
  58. John Cusack once offered me a ride home from a party. (If you know anything about the aforementioned actors, you probably know that they grew up in the same town and went to the same high school as me. Needless to say, neither one of them would EVER know who I am…)
  59. I have been highlighting my hair since high school. (I once even dyed it auburn, but it’s more fun to be blonde!)
  60. I have given birth 4 times, 4 different ways. (1st: went into natural labor & had an epidural, as well as forceps; 2nd: natural labor and natural birth — NO DRUGS!; 3rd: induced, with epidural; 4th: c-section.)
  61. I had braces for 2 years in junior high school.  (and HUGE bangs, but who didn’t?)
  62. I have no living grandparents, and neither does my husband.
  63. I streaked through my dorm with a bunch of girlfriends my freshman year in college.  (I had to avoid my R.A. for months after that!)
  64. My husband proposed to me on a boat in the middle of a lake in Wisconsin. When we got back to the pier, some of my siblings were waving sparklers and champagne glasses. (It was magical!)
  65. Our wedding was truly one of the most amazing days of my life. (I say “one of” because the birth of each of my children ranks up there as well!)
  66. I still get together with my college friends once a year (sometimes more). They rock!
  67. I have been snow skiing since I was 5 years old. I learned at Devil’s Head Resort in Wisconsin . . . a far cry from the Rocky Mountain resorts that I now ski.
  68. I have been waterskiing since I was about 8 years old. My father taught me on skis that were called Lil’ Nippers.
  69. The first car “accident” that I got in was on the same day that I got my driver’s license, at age 16. (I piled all of my girlfriends into our tiny Plymouth Horizon, and one of them opened the back door into another car.)
  70. I backpacked through Europe all by myself the summer I was 21.
  71. I am an off the charts extrovert.
  72. I homemade all of my daughter’s baby food, while I was still working. (fyi — she was the only lucky one — it’s been jarred food ever since!)
  73. I shook Bill Clinton’s hand, while he was President.
  74. I don’t remember a single moment of my mom & dad’s marriage to each other.
  75. I have a vanity license plate.
  76. I took piano lessons when I was a kid, and I can still play the song “Tomorrow”, from the musical Annie.
  77. I also played the clarinet. Briefly.
  78. I ran a marathon. That’s 26.2 miles! (My husband ran it with me.)
  79. The diamonds in my engagement and wedding rings were my mother-in-law’s.
  80. I went to the Rose Bowl in 1989 with a ton of friends, and Michigan won!  (one of the most wild and fun trips of my life!)
  81. I have lived in the following states: Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Colorado.
  82. I ran track in high school, and I will forever hold the school record for the 300 meter hurdles — because the event no longer exists!  (It’s now 200m — or maybe it’s vice versa — it’s been 20 years, and I can’t remember!)
  83. I have been skinny dipping ~ on multiple occasions!
  84. I have terrible handwriting, and it bothers me, but I never take the time to write neatly. (Again, I’m overwhelmed!)
  85. My daughter just informed me that I always wear a ponytail.
  86. I pass a lot of gas. (and I always think it’s funny…)
  87. I like to ride my road bike. It’s a new obsession, since moving to Colorado.
  88. When I was in Portugal, I sunbathed topless.  (when in Rome. . . right?)
  89. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I always go overboard — on the gift giving, the decorations, the food, the parties, the ornaments, etc. (thanks, Mom!)
  90. I have a built a snowman every winter since having kids. I do the whole deal: eyes, nose, mouth, hat, scarf, mittens, etc.
  91. I eat meat every day. (How do vegetarians survive???)
  92. I have horrid stretch marks on my belly from all of my pregnancies.
  93. I have been to Mt. Rushmore — twice! (but I have yet to see the Grand Canyon)
  94. I was President of my class in graduate school.
  95. I suffered post-partum depression, at least twice. (but I got help!)
  96. When I was in my 20’s, I did a week-long mission trip to an orphanage in Mexico, and I have rarely felt so moved, and so close to God.
  97. I used to play flag football – in college, in grad school, and as a young professional.  I was quite good, and I still have a crooked finger to show for it!
  98. I hit a grand slam in the old Chicago White Sox ball park. (playing softball with the law firm where I worked as a summer intern.)
  99.  I have been a bridesmaid 9 times.
  100. I have never experienced anything even close to the love that I feel for my husband and my kids.  I am truly blessed!

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Oh, the Places You’ll Eat!

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. thediaperdiaries  |  September 24, 2007 at 3:38 am

    This has confirmed for me once again, why we are friends.

  • 2. Gail  |  September 25, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    I am so proud of my “baby”!


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