I am a woman on the tail end of my 30’s with 4 kids. I stay at home, although that label is laughable at best — who “stays at home” with 4 kids? Two of my kids have special needs; one has Tourette’s Syndrome and one has an undefined syndrome that looks like mental retardation & developmental delays. Yeah. Life can be a bit much. Someone once said to me, “Oh, you’ve got the double whammy going on.” At first I thought that was awful, but then I thought, well, yeah, it’s true. Because when we have kids, we think they’re going to be perfect. So, when they’re not, it’s “WHAM” — straight to, or through, your heart. I rely on God’s grace and mercy . . . but, sadly, I’m frequently too busy to keep that relationship in a good place.

I have been married for 9 nears to a wonderful man. He’s got typical “male” issues, but whose husband doesn’t? (you know what I mean ladies . . . he leaves his socks 6 inches in front of the laundry hamper, instead of in it, and rinses off his dishes, but leaves them in the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher — big stuff, huh?) He is a great dad to our kids, but he’s got something truly unique and special with our special needs son. I’ve never seen anything like their bond. It’s so cool to see, it still gives me goosebumps. So, he’s a great guy!

I love to exercise, read, cook, socialize, watch tv . . . and woops! I’ve got to run — my kids are fighting . . .


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